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iOS 11

You need update iOS 11.4 for my new iPhone


How come I can’t download this to my new iPhone or new sos version.

Dose not work with IOs 11 , please update

Please update to work with IOS 11

Please update

It was working fine and we were very pleased with the app but it no longer works because of the IOS update


Needs to update to iOS 11


Need update its been year


Software needs to be updated to IOS 11 developer needs to keep updating software.

Doesn’t work with iOS 11

Please update your app to work with iOS 11


Need to update ASAP


Please update to work with ios11


Please update the app to be compatible with today’s technology. It’s scary knowing I’m not protected by my cameras. I package was taking from my doorstep and have no way of seeing who took it because the app is outdated.

Doesn’t work for new IOS

Won’t work at all now. Says devolved hasn’t updated in 3 years, is that right? Updated my phone now I can’t view my cameras.

Needs to be updated to work with Iphone OS 11

Needs to be updated to work with iphone OS 11

For those looking for a replacement app since IOS 11 update

These guys are obviously not updating this ever again and it sucked anyways. For those who need something new after the IOS 11 update Download the app call Q-SEE QT view it will work for you if you were using this app.

Can’t view broview on iPhone 8plus iOS 11 is what I have

Please update your app everyone like the app we can’t use it I need it please


It is the best. I love it


Please update app

Needs update

I use this all the time in our retail locations to monitor my staff, but I cannot use it currently because it is not compatible with the new update on my iPhone. Please update!

Not working

Stopped working with the newest iPhone update. Please update the app.

Does not work with iPhone update

Does not work with iPhone update

Please update

Cant use without update for ios 11

No update- can’t view cameras

Without the update this app is useless. Thank you

No update available

Please update this app


What a lovely app


New update needed for app to work with the iPhone update

Updated to iOS 11

Please update to iOS 11, we love this app so much.


The developer has to update the app to work with IOS 11 because it’s not working on my phone anymore. Plus it’s telling me they need to update it.

Needs to be updated

Should be updated to be compatible with iOS 11

Need to update more than every 2 years

Cannot access the app now that IOS has been updated. Need to update the app immediately. Why has there not been an update in so long?

Update please

Please update this app. Still waiting for an update.

Does not support the new IOS !!!!

The system does not work with the new APPLE IOS 11 we updated our iPhones and now we can not use the software . Very uncomfortable !!

Does not work with iOS 11

This app has not been updated and as a result does not work with the iOS 11. Please update the app so it will work again. Until then, it is USELESS!!

Needs update for iOS11

Please update the app for iOS 11 Thank you The app is great, but I can't use it on my iPhone since I updated to iOS 11 Hopefully you will soon


It used to work with old ios but after I updated it won’t let me download since it doesn’t support iOS 11 or 10. Can y’all fix this so I can see my cameras? THANK YOU!!!

Not updating app to latest OS.

It’s been a while since OS update and I cannot use their security systems to watch over my business.


Needs update ASAP!

Doesn’t work with new iOS system update

Update is required ASAP


This app worked great until the new iOS came it doesn’t even let me open up the app!!! Please update the software so I can use the app again!!!

New update for iOS 11

I updated my iPhone to the iOS 11 and it seems that the app doesn’t work anymore are you guys going to update the app so it’s compatible with iOS 11.

Update the app

Not updated to work with IOS 11


When’s the update coming you have to update this application right away

Update for iOS 11

Hello I would just like to request an update for iOS 11. We can’t use the app, please do so ASAP. Thanks Madeeha

Need an update.

Need an update.

Need upgrade version

The app needs to be upgraded so it’s compatible with iPhone upgrades as it’s not fair to customers that uses this apps for their security system and is unable to because they upgrade their phone.


It needs update

Need an update to work with ios11

The app worked fine until iOS 11 came out. Please update the app soon.

This app does not work for iOS 11 pls update ASAP

This app does not work for iOS 11 pls update ASAP

Still no update

For months the app has not been compatible with the update for iPhone. Please update the app so it will work. I loved the app when it was working. Now it is useless

iOS 11 not working.

I updated to iOS 11 not knowing that BroView wasn’t up to date and now I’m screwed. I can’t use app. BroView please get this done. Update....SuperLivePro is the new app you should use

Please update the app

This no longer works because the app has not been updated in 2 years. Please update the app to work with IOS 11

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