BroView App Reviews

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Doesn’t work with iOS 11

Please update your app to work with iOS 11

please uptade the app. it will not work with ios 11 for iphone 7 o later

Update this app

Please update the app. It will not work with iOS 11.

Can’t view BroView on the updated Apple IPhone 6s Plus

Please update so I can view BroView!!

Places update

Ap no longer works with latest update iOS11. Please update so we can monitor our cameras! **3 weeks and still not updated. UNINSTALLING and using Super Live Pro.They actually update their ap!!

Perfect app but needs iOS 11 update

After updating my phone to iOS 11 the app no longer works! Please update!

Needs to update so ios 11 phones can use

I really like this app but then iPhone updated to ios 11 and says that the BroView app needs to be updated so I can use it, please update the app so I can use it again!!

Brow view not working with iOS 11


Please update the app

This no longer works because the app has not been updated in 2 years. Please update the app to work with IOS 11

IOS 11

I updated my phone to IOS 11 and now it doesn’t work. Can you please update this app so it works with the new operating system. Otherwise, this app is great. I use it to see my kids in daycare.

iOS 11 not working.

I updated to iOS 11 not knowing that BroView wasn’t up to date and now I’m screwed. I can’t use app. BroView please get this done. Update....SuperLivePro is the new app you should use

Still no update

For months the app has not been compatible with the update for iPhone. Please update the app so it will work. I loved the app when it was working. Now it is useless

This app does not work for iOS 11 pls update ASAP

This app does not work for iOS 11 pls update ASAP

Need an update to work with ios11

The app worked fine until iOS 11 came out. Please update the app soon.


It needs update

Need upgrade version

The app needs to be upgraded so it’s compatible with iPhone upgrades as it’s not fair to customers that uses this apps for their security system and is unable to because they upgrade their phone.

Need an update.

Need an update.

Update for iOS 11

Hello I would just like to request an update for iOS 11. We can’t use the app, please do so ASAP. Thanks Madeeha


When’s the update coming you have to update this application right away

Update the app

Not updated to work with IOS 11

  • send link to app